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How To Use Queue

Here's an easy way of switching to Queue view and utilizing it on your project management.

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The Queue view is the latest feature release of ManyRequests. Switching to Queue view is simple. With Queue view, clients can now easily see active / queued tasks and prioritize their projects easily.

πŸ’‘For now, only clients can see the Queue view.

How to Switch to Queue View (Client View)

  1. On your Client's Dashboard's Project List area, head over to the far right side and click on the dropdown button - this is sometimes "List" or "Kanban" depending on the current view.

  2. Select "Queue"

How to Enable Queue (Admin View)

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Settings > Modules and Extensions

  2. Under Modules, click on Requests

  3. Scroll down to the Request Queue and toggle to enable

How to Use Queue (Client View)

Queue view is mainly used to get an overview of active and queued tasks and as well as be able to prioritize projects.

There are two sections: Active and Queued
​Active: these are tasks / requests that are worked on

Queued: these are pending requests that are to be worked on

  1. Your clients can rearrange the priority of tasks / requests by dragging the card up or down

  2. On the Active section, priority of tasks / requests will denoted by a number on the left side

  3. Your clients can also drag cards from a different sections (i.e.: From Queued to Active)

  4. Aside from dragging cards, your clients can also click on the vertical three dots of each card, and assign the task / request to a section (i.e. whether to move the Active card to Queued or Queued card to Active)

How to Access Queued Tasks (Admin View)

Access via Dashboard

In order to check for clients' queued tasks, on your Dashboard, go to Filters and look for "Queued" under Status

Access via Impersonation

You can also impersonate your client and access the queued tasks from there. To read more about Impersonation, you can check out How To Manage Your Clients With ManyRequests.

Once you're impersonating your client, you'll be able to see the Queued tasks from their dashboard.

A few use cases for Queued Tasks:

  • Paused Subscriptions - read more about it here
    For Paused Subscriptions, clients can still send in requests but it will show up on the Queued Tasks.

  • Exceeded Maximum Active Task Limit - read more about it here

    For clients exceeding their maximum limit for tasks, they can still send in requests but it will show up on the Queued Tasks.
    ​Note: To make amendments to the limits, you can do so by adjusting the settings. Limits are defined on the "max concurrent requests" fields from the subscription.
    Read about How to Manage Max Number of Active Tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the Queue View when impersonating a client?

If you have already enabled queues and can't see anything on client view, you might want to check out your service settings. Make sure that there's a limit defined on the Max Number of Concurrent Requests.
Queue will not show because if there's no limit defined, the queue is not needed.

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