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Pausing Subscription

Here's how you can pause your subscription

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With ManyRequests you can pause your subscription at any given time.

How to pause your subscription (Admin View)

  1. On your Dashboard, head over to Users > Clients

  2. Select the Client you wish to Pause the Subscription

  3. On the Organization Settings, click on the Services and Subscriptions Tab

  4. Select the desired Service, hover over the Service card

  5. On hover, you'll see the vertical 3 dots, click on it

  6. Select Pause

    Note: You can choose to Pause Indefinitely, meaning until such time that the plan will be renewed; or you can choose to Pause until a custom date so that you can set the renewal date.

    In addition, you have the option to let clients continue submitting requests.

  7. Once done with the desired settings, click on the Pause button.

How to pause your subscription (Client View)

  1. On your Dashboard, head over to Settings

  2. Select Profile and Account

  3. Under the Subscription tab, select Manage

  4. Select Pause

  5. Hit Go

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When Someone Pauses a Subscription?

  1. Clients can still send in Requests - but these requests will be ignored until their subscription is reactivated

  2. Clients can resume their subscription at any time and a new billing cycle will be provided

  3. All data and files will still remain on the client's account during a Paused Subscription - so it can easily be accessed by clients and team members

  4. Clients can still interact with open and even closed / completed requests

  5. Clients can pause and reactivate their subscription at any given time.

Why Can't I See the "Pause subscription" Option on Subscription management?

You will be able to see the "Pause subscription" option if you've followed the steps above and as long as the subscription has NOT been created by the admin.

While your clients can pause at any time, there are some limitations:

- Pause is greyed out if the subscription is NOT a Stripe subscription, it only works with Stripe subscriptions
​- Even if you impersonate the customer, you should NOT see the pause option.

When will my client get billed again after resuming a subscription?

What happens on the back-end is we capture the amount of days left your client had in the current period and when they resume it we add those days, offsetting the renewal day for the amount of time your client paused.

For example: if your client bought a monthly plan that renews on April 30th but on April 5th they paused until April 15th, (Paused for ten days) they'll now be charged on May 10th.

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