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Navigating Organization Details
Navigating Organization Details

Here's a quick overview on Client Organization Details.

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Managing multiple clients and organizations is easier with ManyRequests because of the Organization Details section. This provides you all the information you need about the client and their organization.

Navigating Organization Details (Admin View)

  1. On your Dashboard, head over to Users > Clients

  2. Go to the Organizations tab

  3. Browse through the list of organizations and select one

  4. Once selected, you'll have an overview of the Organization Details

​With the Organization Details, you'll to see:

Services and Subscriptions
- This is where all the client services and subscriptions can be found
- Remaining tasks, credits, etc will be reflected in this section
- You can also remove services, make edits, pause subscriptions, etc. in this area

- All tasks created by the organization and its members will be reflected
- Active tasks, Completed tasks, and Average rating on tasks is shown
- You can also create tasks on your client's behalf here

- A hub where all invoices of the organization lives
- A place to manage client invoices (View, Download, Mark as paid, Request payment by email, Get payment link, Delete)
- You can create an invoice for the client here as well

- A hub where you can find both client uploaded files and agency uploaded files
- Task assets (files uploaded on individual tasks) can be located here
- You can add folders and files in this section as well as download all files in one go

Members of the Organization
- A place where you'll see the members of the organization
- Easily add members to the organization on your client's behalf
- You can edit member details, impersonate, change client's organization, upgrade to Organization owner, reset password, and delete members

Chat Messages
- You can go through chat messages of the organization
- You can create chat messages on the fly

Reviews made
- You can see organization members' review on your team and agency
- Get a glimpse of the average rating of your team's performance

Time Entries
- See time subscriptions and time sheets
- Monitor team members' progress on client tasks / projects

- View credited subscriptions (if any)

Client Billing Information
- You can easily update client billing information
- You can also delete an organization in this section

Internal Information
- On the right side panel, you'll see the relevant information for the agency
- Assign account managers for the client
- Set default organization member for tasks
- You can also organize clients with tags as well as custom properties
- Add notes for you and your admin's reference

How to Make Edits to the Company Name / Information

  1. To Edit the Company Name
    - Left click on the Company Name and make direct edits to the name. Click away and the new change will take effect

  2. To Edit / Update the Client's Billing Information, click on the vertical three dots and select Edit Billing Info. Input the necessary details and click on Update

    Note: To input tax codes, select on "I'm purchasing for a company"

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Do all members in an Organization receive invoices?

No. Only the Organization owner will receive invoices.

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