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How To Customize Service Request Forms
How To Customize Service Request Forms

Here's an article on how to customize service request forms on ManyRequests.

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Service Request Forms are the forms used to gather briefs / project information from your clients prior to the start of a project.

Depending on the service you provide (i.e. web design services, graphic design services, web development services, writing services, etc.) service request forms differ based on what information is needed.

How to Customize Service Request Forms:

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Services > All Services

  2. Select the service you want to edit or head over to the top right and click on Create Service (should you need to create a new one)

  3. Edit / Fill in the necessary Service Details

  4. Click on Next

  5. Adjust the Pricing Details

  6. Click on Next

  7. On the Request Form, you have the flexibility of adding different fields and adding conditions.

    By Default, you'll be provided with the Title text field. You can change the name if you want to (i.e. Project Title, Title, Project Name, etc.) This will be the unique project name to be used across the platform.

    Here's an overview of what Field types are available on ManyRequests:

    A. Short Answer

    B. Paragraph

    C. File Upload

    D. Single Selection

    Note: For Single Selection and Multiple Selection fields, you can add in specific images per option by clicking on the image icon.

    E. Multiple Selection

    F. Date

    G. Rich Text + Image

    H. Rich Text

    I. FAQs

  8. Once customized, click on Save.

How to Save and Import Templates

Another feature on Service Request forms is the ability to save templates and import saved templates to save you the hassle of creating fields each time.

To Save a Template:

  1. Scroll to the top and beside the Preview button, click on the vertical three dots

  2. Click on Save as Template

  3. Give your template a unique name

  4. Select Save changes

To Import a Template:

  1. Scroll to the top and beside the Preview button, click on the vertical three dots

  2. Click on Import from Template

  3. Select the template you want to import

  4. Click on import

  5. Select between Appending the import or replacing the import

    Import Append - items will be added to your current fields
    Import Replace - items will replace your current fields

  6. Click on Confirm

  7. Once done, don't forget to customize and Save.

How to Add Conditions to Service Request Forms:

We've covered this in another article here - How To Use Conditional Rules for Your Request Forms

It's important to note that when adding conditions to your forms, make sure to plan it out so that it's easier to connect fields.

Conditions to Service Request forms have two functions:

  1. Show Fields

  2. Hide Fields

Depending on how you want to structure your form, you can show or hide fields based on the conditions you set: When client selects option 2, then show this field.

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