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How To Use Conditional Rules for Your Request Forms
How To Use Conditional Rules for Your Request Forms

Conditional rules allow you to create dynamic request forms to tailor to your clients with specific needs.

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Request forms are essential in getting information / briefs from clients prior to starting a project. You can easily customize the Request forms as well as add in conditions to get more specific information pertaining to the project.

Here's How to Use Conditional Rules on Request Forms

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Services > All Services

  2. Select your desired service to edit

  3. Update the service details, description, and image as you see fit

  4. Click Next

  5. Make sure the pricing details are correct

  6. Click Next

  7. Edit the Request form's Form body

  8. Also include your Request form for Conditions (this will be hidden once it's set on Conditions)

  9. To add in Conditional rules, go to the Conditions tab

  10. Select Add condition

  11. Customize the condition as you see fit

  12. Hit Add condition

  13. Click Save

Note: You can also preview your request form and test conditions before saving

Here's an example:

There are three project types that an agency would want the client to select. This is using a single selection form type on the builder. For each project type, the agency will provide the client several forms and options to further expand on the brief.

The project type are as follows

a. Digital Ads

b. Print Materials

c. Logo and Identity

When the client selects either, the form will expand and ask more information. To do so, we will need to add conditions.

In this example, let's create a condition for Digital Ads.

If the Project Type is Digital Ads, then show the form named "Digital Ads"

Once the condition is successfully added, it will be interpreted as "When the client selects the Digital Ads project type, the Digital Ads form will be shown"

You can customize as you see fit.

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