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How To Create Time-Based Services
How To Create Time-Based Services

Here's how you can create time-based (hourly) services

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With ManyRequests you can create time-based services, track time, deduct hours, and show usage to your clients.

How to create time-based services

1. Head over to Services > All Services > click on Create Service
2. Select one-off or recurring
3. Enter the service details


4. Select time-based

5. Add the necessary details on your service like the price, recurring period, hours, etc.

6. Once done, click on Next

7. Add in your Request Form details (read more about it in-depth here)

8. Click on Save

9. Your service is now created and you can share the links to your clients

How does time-based service work for clients?

Your clients can go to Reports > "Timesheets" in their sidebar and see the summary of usage.

They can also see an overview of all time tracked by going to the tab "detailed" :

💡 Aside from Time-based services, you can also create Standard services and Credit-based services. Read more about Pricing configurations here.

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