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How To Create a Discount Code on ManyRequests
How To Create a Discount Code on ManyRequests

Learn how to create discount codes / coupons on ManyRequests

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Here is quick video overview on how to create a discount code on ManyRequests:

You can create discount codes both for one-off and recurring services.

For recurring services, you can also edit settings such as applying the code once, forever, or for a specific amount of months. You can also apply discount codes to paid trials.

You can also edit redemption details (such as max. use per client, expiry dates)

Frequently Asked Questions

❓Why can't I offer a 100% off coupon / discount code?

Currently it's not possible to offer 100% off coupons or discounts because the platform cannot process $0 orders. Should you wish to offer free services, you can try offering Free Trials.

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