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How To Create a Recurring Service
How To Create a Recurring Service

In this tutorial we show you how to create a recurring service on ManyRequests

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Here's a quick video on how to create a recurring service:

​Creating free or paid trials

For recurring services you can also create free and paid trials.

For example:

  • Free trial: 7 day for free then $$/month

  • Paid trial: $$ for 7 days then $$/month

Please note that you have to connect your Stripe account first in order to create trials.

Limiting the number of active requests and requests included

You can also limit the number of requests when creating services such as maximum number of active requests at a time and maximum number of requests included per month.

Read more about Maximum number of active requests here.

💡 With ManyRequests, you can also create One-off services. Here's an article on how to do that.

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