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Client Reviews on Completed Requests
Client Reviews on Completed Requests

After each task / request completion, clients will be able to provide feedback.

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How to Enable Client Reviews (Admin View)

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Settings > Modules and Extensions

  2. Select the Requests tab

  3. Scroll down and look for "Request Reviews"

  4. Toggle the button to enable it (or disable it)

How Client Reviews Work (Client View)

  1. Each request has a status (i.e. To Do, In Progress, Pending Feedback, Complete)

  2. Once a request is done, on the upper right hand you'll see the button "Mark as Complete"

  3. Click on the button

  4. You'll be prompted with a pop up for review

  5. Add in your review or feedback

  6. Click on Submit

  7. This review will be seen by the creative assigned to the request and the agency

How to Check for Client Reviews (Admin View)

There are several ways to check for client reviews:

Via Completed Request

  • On your Dashboard, go to the Completed tab

  • Select the Request

  • On the Activity panel, scroll down

  • You should see a client review

Via Organization Details

  • Go to Users > Clients

  • Click on the Organizations tab

  • Select the Organization

  • Go to the Reviews tab

Via Team Members

  • Go to Users > Team

  • Select the Team Member

  • Go to the Reviews Tab

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