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How To Create Add-on Services
How To Create Add-on Services

With ManyRequests, you can choose to create Add-on services as additional upsells.

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How To Add Add-on Services

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Services > Add-ons

  2. On the upper right hand side, click on the Create Add-on button

  3. Add the necessary Add-on information

    Setup the title, description, field type, price, billing type, and display (where you'd like the Add-ons to be displayed on your existing services)

  4. Hit Create

  5. The Add-on now will be appended onto selected Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find these Add-ons?

There are several areas wherein you can find these Add-ons:

  1. Checkout Forms - Add-ons will show up on checkout forms of selected Services

  2. Service Request Forms - Add-ons will also show up on selected Service Request Forms

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