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How To Create Canned Responses
How To Create Canned Responses

You can create ready-made template responses for speedier communication with clients.

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How To Setup and Create Canned Responses (Admin View)

  1. On your Dashboard, head over to Settings > Modules and Extensions

  2. Select Requests

  3. Scroll down and at the very bottom, click on Canned Responses

  4. Select Create canned responses

  5. Input the necessary details

    Note: Give your canned response a title, select or create categories, and compose your message.

    💡 Tip: Create editable [brackets] so that your team will fill out information relative to your client.

  6. Click on Save Changes

How To Use Canned Responses (Team View)

Canned responses are easily accessible on every request.

  1. Select a Request you want to respond to

  2. On the Request Messaging area, click on the Canned Responses icon

  3. You'll be prompted with a selection of Canned Responses

  4. Choose one that fits your intended response

  5. Once selected, the text will be populated

  6. Make edits as needed

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