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How To Use Time Tracking
How To Use Time Tracking

ManyRequests new feature enables team members to use time tracking on requests for transparency.

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Time Tracking provides transparency to clients especially on the number of hours worked on each project.

How To Enable Time Tracking

  1. On your Dashboard, head over to Settings > Modules and Extensions

  2. Select Requests

  3. Scroll down and look for "Request timetracking" and "Request timetracking client access"

  4. Enable either or both depending on your preference

  5. Click on Save

How To Use Time Tracking

  1. Select a Project / Request

  2. There are two ways to track time:

    Actual Time Tracking - press the time tracking button to start the time tracker and stop

    Manual Time Tracking - input time manually on timesheets

  3. When utilizing Actual Time Tracking, after pressing the time tracking button, you'll see the confirmation and the time starts.

    Note: The timer will remain on top of your screen until you press the stop button.

  4. Once the timer is stopped, it will prompt you with a details pop-up for you to fill out.

    You need to add a description on the timer as this will show on timesheets.

  5. Click on Save

  6. Manually adding the time will prompt you to the same pop-up but this time, you need to add in a date and the time duration.

How To Edit Time Entries

  1. You'll be able to edit time entries by heading over to the Timesheets tab

  2. Look for the time entry you want to edit

  3. Click on the vertical three dots

  4. Click on Edit

  5. Make the adjustments

  6. Hit Save

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