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How To Use Filters

Filters are useful for team leaders and project managers to sift through client projects easily.

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Search and filters are essential in one's project management toolkit because it quickly leads you to the item you're searching for with just a matter of a few clicks. ManyRequests makes it easier for you to search projects through built in filters.

Here's How to Use Filters

  1. Filters are located on your Dashboard or Tasks - it sits right above the list of requests

  2. By selecting Filters, you have access to several properties that you can utilize for search.

    You're able to sift through the following:

    Client - a list of your client names
    Organization - a list of organizations
    Assigned to - a list of your team members
    Status - the status of the project
    Number - you can input the specific project number
    Priority - the project priority
    Tags - the project tag
    Due Date - you can select from Overdue, Today, or Tomorrow

  3. You can use any of the properties or you can use all to narrow down your search. Every time you update the filters, it will automatically display the results.

Quick Tip: Depending on your need, start by using one or two filter properties first, and then add more when required.

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