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Using Custom Order Forms

Custom Order Forms allows you to create Self-serve, High Converting Checkout pages where your clients can Choose services to purchase from.

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Custom Order Forms allow you to create Self-serve, High Converting Checkout pages where your clients can Choose services to purchase from.

Here's a quick video:

​You can check an Example Order Form Here

You can manage your Order Forms by clicking the "Order forms" link in the sidebar navigation menu. There you can edit and create new pages.

Creating order forms

From the "Order forms" page, click on the "Create order form" button on the top right over the forms list. You will be taken to the Order Form Builder page, which consists of two sections:

1. Form builder

In this section you will pick the form fields and build the checkout experience. Use drag and drop to add desired components and sections into the Form Body and click over them to customize them.

There are three main component categories: Services, Input fields and Content fields.


Service fields allow you to create sections grouping different one-off and subscription services. This sections can be Radio button groups: Which will allow your clients to pick a single service from this section during checkout, or Checkbox groups: Which will allow your clients to pick multiple services from this section during checkout.

Input fields

Input fields allow you to capture all the necessary information you need from new clients. The provided information will be stored at the Client Organization Profile under the Properties tab,

Supported fields are: Text inputs, Text area, Radio button groups, Checkbox groups and File Uploads.

Content fields

Checkout experiences are not only about charging clients and getting their account details. An equally important aspect of it it's having tools to provide social proof, handle objections and increase conversions in generals. This is where Content fields come helpful.

With content fields you can add Rich Text to add sales copy to your Order Form, which can be displayed in 1, 2 or 3 columns of text. There's also a FAQ or Accordion field where you can answer the most common questions and handle objections presented by your clients. And last but not least, the Testimonial field will allows you to share with your new clients case studies and quotes from your existing customers and provide social proof.

2. Form settings

In this section you set up the general form's configuration.

Form title and status: Change form name and enable/disable form.​

Conditions: This allows you to create conditional IF -> THEN conditions to

Form submission: Control what happens upon the submission of a form (whether or not a request is created)

How to share Custom Order Forms?

Each order form has a unique URL you can use in your Website or directly share with your clients. To get this URL just click the "Copy link" button or the share icon in the order forms list.

How do Order Forms Look?

You can check an Example order form here.

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