Here is a video with how your client portal will look like from a client perspective:

1. Client log in

Clients can log in to : or (if you have set up your own domain).

Note: You can set up any subdomain you want (, etc)

2. Client portal (Client view)

This is the client view once your clients are logged in to their portal:

Clients can do the following:

  • Submit requests by clicking on "Create request"

  • View their invoices

  • Purchase services in "Catalog > Services"

  • Add team member in "Users"

  • Add files in "Storage"

  • Edit their billing details and notification preferences in "Settings"

  • View notifications

3. Client submits request

Clients can click on the top right and submit a request.

Note: If they have multiple services or subscriptions, they must select the service for which they want to submit a request first.

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