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How To Customize Your Client Portal
How To Customize Your Client Portal

Learn how to customize your portal, edit settings and permissions, and create a client onboarding screen.

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In this video we show you how to customize your client portal:

Customizing your portal name and branding

Go to Settings > Portal to edit the following things:

  • Portal name

  • Logo and favicon

  • Colors

  • Dark mode

  • Primary colors

  • Sidebar color

Connecting your custom domain

To add your custom domain please contact us at [email protected] or via the live chat.

We will then send you the DNS instructions to set in your domain name registrar and your custom domain will be activated within 1 business day.

Managing your portal notifications

Go to Settings > Profile and Account > Notifications preferences to manage notifications sent to you.

Customizing your client portal onboarding

Go to Settings> Onboarding to create an onboarding screen:

This screen will be shown to clients once they log in to their portal. Here is an example of what client see:

Note: By default there is no onboarding screen set up, this step is not mandatory.

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