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How to customize your client portal
How to customize your client portal
Learn how to customize your portal, edit settings and permissions, and create a client onboarding screen.
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In this video we show you how to customize your client portal:

Step 1: Customize your portal branding

Go to Portal > Client portal to edit the following things:

  • Logo and favicon

  • Colors

  • Custom domain (Please contact us if you want to connect your own domain)

Step 2: Edit permissions and notification settings

Go to Settings > Permissions and preferences / Notifications to edit your portal settings.

Step 3: Create an onboarding screen for your clients

Go to Onboarding to create an onboarding screen:

This screen will be shown to clients once they log in to their portal. Here is an example of the client view:

Note: By default there is no onboarding screen set up, this step is not mandatory.

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