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Getting started [Video]
Getting started [Video]
How to get started with ManyRequests in 3 simple steps
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In this tutorial we show how to get started with ManyRequests. To get started, here's a quick video:

Step 1: Connect your Stripe account or enable manual payments

Go to Portal > Billing and click on "Connect to Stripe" or if you don't have a Stripe account you can click on enable manual payments.

Step 2: Create a service

a) Go to Services and click on "Create service"

b) Add service details

You can add an image, name, description, pricing (one-off or recurring), as well as free trials and other settings.

c) Configure intake form

The intake form is what client see when they click on "Create request" (for recurring services) or what they see in your checkout form (for one-off service).

You can add fields such as multiple choice, single choice, text area, or text field. You can also choose to make a field mandatory.

Step 3: Share your service link with your clients

Once you have created a service you will get a payment link:

You can share the link to your clients or add it to the pricing section of your website.

The checkout form looks like this:

You're now ready to sell your services!

Next step: Customize your client portal

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