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Integrating Affiliate Marketing and Referrals Software with ManyRequests
Integrating Affiliate Marketing and Referrals Software with ManyRequests
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Affiliate Marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing your company's products. In ManyRequests we make it easy to run a referrals program for your company by integrating with three different Affiliate Marketing Software:

To activate any of these options in your portal, first you need to follow their integration options for your Marketing website. Depending where do you host your site, all three have integrations with WordPress, Webflow and many other website platforms including custom sites.
Once you have completed the integration in your Website, you need to enable these integrations in your ManyRequests portal so we report conversions from your checkout page to the affiliate marketing software of your choice.
To do so, go to integrations and choose install in the one you've decided to use:

And in the next steps, you will be asked to provide the API Key from the affiliate software you choose to use. These API Keys are easily accessible from your account settings in these platforms.
Once provided and activated, your referral program will be aware of referrals sales completed via your ManyRequests portal.

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