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If you haven't already, book your onboarding call to get started. We'll help you set up your portal and answer any questions you have about productized services.

💡 Tip: When you first login, you'll see the onboarding progress bar. This will guide you to complete the steps below.

1️⃣ Set up your portal

Go to Setup > Portal

✔️ Update your portal name and add your logo; your portal name is usually your company name, it will be displayed on the browser tab and in the emails to your customer.

✔️ Set up payment methods for your services (Stripe and/or manual payment)

✔️ Update your billing information to generate invoices. You must set this up to publish your services later.

Lastly, don't forget to go to Admin > Settings to update your profile name and picture!

2️⃣ Create services

Go to Setup > Services

✔️ Create one-off services and/or subscription plans.

✔️ Create a customized intake form for each service.

3️⃣ Share your service

Each service or subscription you create will have a unique URL that you can share.

The URL will display the checkout form for your service, it includes:

👉 your service intake form, and

👉 your payment form.

✔️ Add the URL to your website so new clients can purchase services/subscriptions. They will automatically receive an account to access your portal upon payment confirmation.

✔️ You can also share the URL directly with clients who do not have an account to access your portal; an account will automatically be created when they complete their first purchase.

✔️ Add the service to your catalog so clients can browse your services when they log into your client portal. The URL is public, so you can also share this with anyone who does not have an account or add the catalog URL to your website.

View best practice tips for sharing your service

4️⃣ Migrate existing clients to your portal

If you have existing customers, you can complete this process manually, or contact support@manyrequests.com to migrate existing clients to your portal.

#️⃣ OPTION 1: Invite clients manually

If you've already spoken to a client and want to invite them to your client portal to purchase services and manage their requests in one place:

  1. Go to 'Clients' in your navigation menu.
  2. Click 'Create client' and enter their name and email.
  3. Clients will receive an email asking them to log in and activate their account.

Upon first login, clients will need to purchase a subscription or service so they can submit a request, you can:

⬜ Ask the client to browse the service catalog: if you want them to purchase a service or subscription from the portal themselves, and follow the workflow to submit a request; or

⬜ Create an invoice: If you know what service your client would like, you can send them an invoice for payment so they don't need to browse the catalog. Once payment is confirmed they will be able to submit requests via the portal; or

⬜ Assign free services: You can assign free services or subscriptions from the client menu. Click your client's name > services > add service.

#️⃣ OPTION 2: Ask ManyRequests to migrate your customers

If your clients already have an active subscription, and you do not want them to purchase a new subscription for the remainder of their billing period please contact support@manyrequests.com. Our support team will guide you through the process of migrating your existing clients.

If you need help, send us a chat message ➡️ or book an onboarding call with our team.

💡 TIP: Add a login button to your website so your clients don't need to remember your portal URL.

5️⃣ Invite your team members

As an administrator, you can invite team members and assign requests for them to manage.

To invite team members:

  1. Go to 'Team' and click 'Create team member'
  2. Fill in their name and email address
  3. Select their user role.

Learn more about user roles here.


You've now completed all the steps to get started.

If you need any help, email support@manyreuqests.com or reach out to us via the support chat ➡️

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